K1LOK 2020

January 2020: The Shack at my home QTH (DN40cj)

Here are a few pictures of my shack as of this date. The HF equipment shown here are an Alinco DX8-ST using an external speaker and an MFJ-945E Tuner (manual). There is an Ameritron ALS-600 amp pictured, but it was not connected at this time. There is also a TYT TH-7800 pictured to the right for 2 meter and 70 cm communications. I can regularly hit the Beesting repeater (N7GGN at DM39wb) with the J-pole on my roof at a distance of 154 km (96 miles).


This shows my enitre station including the soldering area to the left


The Alinco set to 3923.5 kHz, the frequency of the Wyoming Cowboy Net


A little clsoer look at the equipment


Myself in the shack staying on the warm side of the door


A look at my outdoor antennas. The G5RV is in an inverted V (and folded back) with the apex at about 25 feet (7.5 m). The random wire antenna is 20 feet (6 m) at its highest point. The J-pole is 10 feet above the roof. The size of the lot is 18 m x 30 m (60 x 100 feet)

24 January 2020: TS-930S

I purchased a used HF rig, a Kenwood TS930S.

25 January 2020: Winter Field Day

Participated from y home QTH (DM40cj) as K1LOK. I made 30 contacts.

1 February 2020: BC and Minnesota QSO Parties

There were two entries from Utah, and I came in 2nd place with three contacts and 18 points.

I also made 2 contacts for the Minnesota QSO Party. This was enough to win first place for Utah.


29 February 2020: South Carolina QSO Party

Made 2 contacts with South Carolina. Both contacts were on 20 meters.

8 March 2020: ARRL Phone International DX Contest

28 contacts total. 6 on 80 meters; 22 on 20 meters.

14 March 2020: Idaho, Oklahoma and Wisconsin QSO Parties

18 contacts total: 9 on 40 m; 9 on 20 m