K1LOK 2019

19 January 2019: North American QSO Party

I made 54 contacts, all within the US. 35% were on 80 meter, 41% on 40 meter, and 24% on 20 meter. The furthest QSO was with KL7SB (BP40js) in Alaska at 3452 km (2144 miles) on 80 meters.

26 January 2019: Winter Field Day

I set up in my back yard (DN40cj) for this one. I had 37 QSOs, mostly on 20 meters. 3 of the contacts were in Canada. I had two contacts with Hawaii, NH7NJ and NH6JC (both BL02) at 4885 and 4889 km respectively (3034 and 3037 miles).


A mystery antenna and a vertical set up for Winter Field Day

2 March 2019: ARRL International DX Contest

I had 47 contacts from 19 different countries. Most were in the Americas, but there were quite a few from Japan and New Zealand. I worked both 20 and 40 meters. The furthest contact was ZM1A (RF73jc) in New Zealand at 11391 km (7075 miles) on 40 meters.

16 March 2019: Louisiana QSO Party

With two contacts, I won first place for Utah.


30 March 2019: CQ Worldwide WPX Contest

I operated for part of this from Fish Park in American Fork and my home QTH (both DN40cj). My furthest contact was PQ5B in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil (GG52) at 9960 km (6168 miles).

13 April 2019: New Mexico and Georgia QSO Parties

I had just two contacts in each state. The New Mexico ones were on 40 meters and the Georgia ones were on 20 meters.

4 May 2019: 7th Area QSO Party et al

I operated for the first part of Saturday from the county line of Piute and Wayne Counties (DM48ck) near Koosharem, Utah. I submitted logs for both the 7QP and the New England QSO Party. With the two contacts I submitted for New England, they gave me a certificate for third place. I had 55 QSOs for the 7QP. I was probably the only station for Piute County, so I son first place for my efforts. My furthest 7QP contact was WV4P (EM55) in Tennessee at a distance of 2126 km (1320 miles).


Portable set up along UT 24 East of Koosharem, Utah on the Piute-Wayne County Line (DM48ck).

190504 190504a

20 May 2019: W7K World Metrology Day - Redefinition of the kelvin

This station celebrated the redefinition of the SI unit kelvin which took place on 20 May 2019. This station operated from one of the most accurate temperature standards laboratories in the world in American Fork, Utah County, Utah (DN40ci), Fluke Calibration.

W7K Special Event Page - Redefinition of the kelvin


Verical antenna on the roof of the building

22 June 2019: Field Day

Due to a three-foot snow pack on Skyline Drive, the Skyline Radio Club opted to have their field day at W7DKO and KD7PZK’s cabin above Accord Lakes. Besides radio fun, we had a great potluck and even had a June snow flurry.