K1LOK 2018

17 February 2018: The Pi

Added my call sign to the wall art at The Pi Pizzaria in South Salt Lake, Salt Lake County, Utah (DN40bp).


K1LOK at The Pi

28 February 2018

I made my first HF contact. I had a dipole set up about 3 meters high on the south side of my house. The contact was with K0KSU in Kansas (EM17) at 1363 km (847 miles).

4 June 2018


A picture of my home shack (DN40cj).

21 June 2018: Field Day

The 2018 Field Day was spent with the Skyline Radio Club on Skyline Road at the top of Ephraim Canyon (DM49gh). I was able to do quite a bit of operating.


30 June 2018

I made my first contact on DMR with KI7GGG in Lehi, Utah County, Utah.

4 July 2018: Freedom Festival Parade

I worked at University Avenue and 500 N (DN40dg). I ended up holding an arrow to direct floats. My 2017 location was much better.

30 July 2018

I bought a second mobile radio with two band capability. It was a Tytera TH-7800. I have used this radio periodically as both a base and a mobile radio.

11 August 2018

This was my first attempt at a portable operation near Kanab, Kane County, Utah (DM37qc). I made contact with K6TIM in Tucumcari, New Mexico (DM85) at a distance of 818 km (508 miles).


This was my 20 meter dipole taken northwest of Kanab.

27 August 2018

I bought a Woxun HT model KG-UV8T. It is a tribander giving me capability on the 1.25 meter band. I was thinking about getting a Yaesu FT-60, but I like the display on this unit much better. It is easier to read with my old eyes.

8 September 2018

This was my first time checking into any of the mercury nets, this time being the Mercury Rocky Mountain Net on 3920 kHz. The net control was KB7ITU in Rexburg, Idaho.

13 September 2018: Orem City Drill

This year I worked the SW quadrant again from a northside UVU parking lot (DN40dg). I had a good view of the fires in the mountains to the south.

21 September 2018

I discovered the Mission Trail Net. I spoke to W6SLZ (Dick) about the net.

15 September 2018: Salmon Run

This was my first time I tried a contest on my own. I actually had a pileup of a few wanting a contact in Utah. I was on both 40 and 80 meters. I used a 20 meter dipole for some of the 40 meter contacts.


6 October 2018: California QSO Party

I made 47 contacts on 20, 40 and 80 meters. I contacted 29 different counties. According to the cert I got, I was 5th place in Utah for single operator low power.


28 October 2018: CQ World Wide DX Contest SSB

I had 12 QSOs. For whatever reason, this was enough to win Single Operator, Low Power, 20 meters. My furthest contact was KH6J in Hawaii at 4803 km.


October 2018: My first QSO card