19 and 20 January 2023: POTA Activations during El Paso Trip

This weekend was spent in El Paso in order to do a 30 km trail run. During my journeys, I did three POTA activations. Two were in El Paso, and one was on the way there in New Mexico. The parks activated were K-0462 Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro County, New Mexico; K-0770 Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso; and K-3012 Franklin Mountains State Park also in El Paso.

I had several DX contacts on 15 meters. The one over 5000 km were ZS6NL (South Africa, FT8, 15644 km and V51WW (Namibia, SSB, 14241 km). I also had two local contacts, WB5LJO and KD5KC.

I was also able to attend a meting of the Sun City Amateur Radio Club (K5WPH) at their clubhouse in Logan Heights, El Paso. After the run, I went to a spaghetti dinner with the club as well. The dinner really hit the spot after the run. I got to meet a lot of great people while I was there.

DateParkCounty, StateQSOsSSBDigitalBand
19-Jan-23K-0462 Sevilleta National Wildlife RefugeSocorro, New Mexico2121020 m
20-Jan-23K-0770 Chamizal National MemorialEl Paso, Texas112684415 m
20-Jan-23K-3012 Franklin Mountains State ParkEl Paso, Texas61352620 m

K-0462: A quick activation during a 14 hour drive


K-0770: Back to Chamizal looking a Ciudad Juárez in the distance


K-3012: On Transmountain looking out towards the west with the waning sun


I finally got to meet WB5LJO after having heard him on the air for years.

4 February 2023: POTA Activation K-3062, Camp Floyd State Park

This was my first time back here in almost a year. When the Russian aggression against Ukraine started, I stayed away in favor of closer POTA sites. This time I was back. I had 107 QSOs on SSB and FT8 om 15 and 20 meters. Not counting Canada, 11 were DX (6 FT8, 5 SSB). This brought my total for this park up to 479 QSOs.


Parked in a snowy parking lot at K-3062. This activation was done using ham sticks off the roof of my car

17 February 2023: Contact with YJ0A in Vanuatu

I woke up early and got on 80 meters FT8 before going to work. I was able to complete a contact with YJ0A (K7AR from Vancouver, Washington) who was operating in Vanuatu, grid RH34. It was a rare contact with a small country in the South Pacific.


My FT8 contact with Vanuatu

20 February 2023: POTA Activation K-3062, Camp Floyd State Park

It was back to K-3062 for Presidents Day. This time it was 60 FT8 and 57 SSB contacts putting me at 596 total for the park. This is 60% of the way to a kilo. All of the QSOs were on 20 and 15 meters. 4 of the QSOs were DX.

4 March 2023: Ham Exam and POTA K-3062

I helped out with as a VE at an exam session in Eagle Mountain done by VEC KI6OSS. After the session, I went out to Camp Floyd and did a POTA activation. It was a short one, as I needed to get home for some other activities. I had 24 QSOs, all digital (FT8 and FT4) on 15, 12 and 10 meters. That got me up to 623 activator QSOs for this park.

18 March 2023: POTA K-3062, Closer to Kilo

I spent some more time out at Camp Floyd for this activation. I operated from 15:30 to 18:00 UTC. I had a total of 100 QSOs. I worked both FT8 and FT4 for digital. 54 of my QSOs were SSB. I had 4 QSOs on 40 meters at the beginning. The rest were 15 meter. 15 meters was working rather well into Europe. My DX contacts were DF3JO, F4JJA, OH2MDN, SP9RXP (SSB!), IU0KWX, EA3SI, SP7QJF, HI3AA, US2YW, DK8NX, RZ1OA, HA7TM, IK4LZH and F1SAA. This was all on a ham stick antenna. This put me at 723 activator QSOs for this park (277 to go to kilo).


The snow had melted and most of the mud was gone for this activation at K-3062. The hamstick on the roof worked into Europe this time.

26 to 30 March 2023: POTA attempts in Washington State

I used my Wolf River Coil antenna and Xiegu G90 with a 6 Ah battery. I am able to take this is a setup as a carry-on in a plane.

I had some trouble with the antenna. I think there may have been an open at the wiper on the coil. I was only able to get 4 contacts on 26 March at Saint Edward State Park (K-3261) in Kenmore. After three successful QSOs (one with Japan) at Legion Park in Everett (CN88va) on 29 March, I tried the same setup at Camano Island State Park (K-3169) and only go 2 QSOs, one with another station on Camano Island. I checked my coil with a multimeter at work and made sure everything was working fine. I went back to Saint Edward State Park on 30 March and was able to complete the activation with 12 QSOs on the 31 March side of 00:00 UTC and 4 warm-up QSOs on 30 March I used 15, 20 and 30 meters to complete the activation. I also had two Winlink HF sessions while at the park.

This gave me an 11th state for activation. I had previously tried to activate a park in October 2021, but ran into propagation problems.


Set up at Saint Edward State Park (K-3261, CN87ur).


Camano Island State Park (K-3169, CN88rd). Only 2 QSOs, but it was a really nice drive out there.


Carry-on antenna bag containing Xiegu G90, Wolf River Antenna, Coax and Signallink at SEA.

3 to 7 April 2023: Trip to Disneyland

I went to Anaheim with my family. I went to the International Temperature Symposium 10 (ITS10) conference. They went to Disneyland.

The first night we arrived, I set up in the Holiday Inn parking lot (DM13at). I was able to check in to the Mission Trail Net on 80 meters. I then switched over to 40 meters and made 5 40 meter FT8 QSOs. I had one with KC1SFA in Massachusetts at a distance of 4169 km.

On the way back, I activated K-0650 Mojave Preserve National Conservation Area on the side of I-15 between Baker, California and Primm, Nevada (DM25dk). I had 15 QSOs, all 15 meter FT8.


Set up outside the Holiday Inn in Anaheim.

15 April 2023: POTA Activation K-3075 Great Salt Lake State Park

On this day I had a 25K trail run in Tooele. On the way back, I activated the Great Salt Lake Park. I worked all SSB on both 20 and 15 meters. Quite a few of the 20 meter contacts came from Southern California. I don’t know how this was possible with a 20 degree vertical angle mountain in the way.


Looking out to the Great Salt Lake.

22 April 2023: Salt Lake Marathon and a POTA Activation

I helped out with the Salt Lake Marathon. Besides doing the radio communications for the marathon, I also checked into a net on 80 meters and two on 40 meters using ham sticks.

After the marathon, I activated This is the Place Heritage Park (K-5950, DN40cs). The entire activation was on 20 meters with a combination of FT8 and SSB. My favorite QSO was WB7UZO in a rare grid square CN78 in Washington. I never thought I would get that one. I also had a QSO with Ed in El Paso, KD5MFS.

230422a 230422b

Aid Station N at Highland Drive and Crandall Avenue near the boundary of Millcreek and Salt Lake City (DN40bq).


Looking towards Emigration Canyon from This is the Place.

5 May 2023: POTA K-6091 The Bonneville Salt Flats (cinco de mayo)

This was actually done the night of the 4th, but it was on the 5th for UTC. I had a 50 K endurance run and was camping overnight. I had some really noisy conditions but managed to get the required number of contacts. I had 28 QSOs (23 SSB and 5 FT8) on 20 and 40 meters from DN30ct east of Wendover in Tooele County.

20 May 2023: POTA K-3064

I was back out at Camp Floyd again. The band conditions weren’t so good this time. I had 60 QSOs. I worked both FT8 and SSB on the 10, 15, 17, and 20 meter bands. This got me up to 783 QSOs for this park.

9 June 2023: POTA K-4398

This was a Friday after work activation of the 40 acre enclave of K-4398 Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Highland, Utah (DN40ck). All of my 29 HF contacts were 15 meter digital (4 FT4 and 25 FT8). I had an additional contact on FM 2 m on 146.52. The 30 QSOs brought me to a total of 407 QSOs for this park. 6 of the contacts were DX in 3 different continents.

10 June 2023: Springville Parade

This was my first service event in a while for Utah County AREA (UCARES). I worked the corner of 400 S and Main in Springville (DN40ed). There were no incidents other than making sure children didn’t jump out in front of parade vehicles. I enjoyed some pizza afterwards with the other radio operators and the fire and police departments.

11 June 2023: ARRL VHF Contest

My participation in this contest was accidental. I got on 6 meter FT8 about 18:00 MDT and noticed quite a few stations on the band. I decided to make some contacts. By the end of the contest at 21:00 MDT, I had 48 QSOs. I did turn in a log. My furthest contact was KB0Y at a distance of 2815 km (1750 miles) in Grid EM80 located in Valdosta, Georgia. This and a number of others were probably double hop.

15 June 2023: POTA K-5950

I had to go close to this park to pick up my items for the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, so I decided to activate a This is the Place Heritage Park before going back home. I had 45 QSOs, 8 data and 37 SSB. All contacts were on 20 meters except for one phone contact on 40 at the end. I started this just after 0:00 UTC, so for logging purposes, all of the contacts were on 16 June.

16 June 2023: POTA K-3064

I was back out to Camp Floyd again, trying to get closer to 1000. The band conditions were not too good this day. I had a total of 56 QSOs for this activation. I worked 15 meter (FT8 only) and 20 meter (SSB and FT8). I also had one FM contact on 2 meters with a station in Eagle Mountain. 35 data and 21 phone contacts gave me 56 QSOs to get my total for the park up to 839.

17 June 2023: Emigration Half Marathon

I was a ham on the run again this year. The race was pushed back to June from April due to the excessive snow we had this year. I packed a radio in my runners vest. Unfortunately, the antenna severed off and broke the mount inside the radio. This was my Woxun KG-UV8T. It had been in service for almost 5 years. It was a great radio. I completed the race in 2:34, quite a bit better than the previous year.


My equipment for the race; the this is the radio that broke

23 June 2023: POTA K-3064

This trip out to Camp Floyd was much more fruitful that the previous activation. I started the activation with an opening on 6 meters and worked 9 stations. I then dropped down to 15 meter for the rest of the activation. I had 60 FT8 contacts and 49 voice for a total of 109 for this activation. This put me at 948 contacts for this park and just 52 from kilo.

24 June 2023: POTA K-4396 Fishlake National Forest and Field Day

Due to the excessive mount of snow on Skyline Drive above Ephraim, the Skyline Radio Club (K7BSK) held Field Day at W7DKO’s cabin east of Salina Utah (DM48ex). I helped to do some operating. A great meal was served for dinner including some delicious brisket.

Before Filed Day started, I did a POTA activation at Fishlake National Forest (K-4396) working both analog and digital on 40, 20, and 15 meters for a total of 25 QSOs.


W7DKO, K1LOK, N1LGQ, and W7DHH an hour before start


Solar panels for battery operation

28 June 2023: UCARES Level 1 Certification

I received my Level 1 Utah County ARES (UCARES) Certification at a UCARES Meeting. They gave me a nice certificate.


1 July 2023: POTA K-3064 Kilo

I went back this day to get Kilo. I worked mostly on 20 meters, both SSB and FT8. KN6KI of Anderson, California was my #1000. I ended up with 71 QSOs for a total of 1019 for this park. This was my first park I activated. I have come to enjoy its peaceful nature both in seasons of hot and seasons of cold. Thanks to all those who have hunted me to make this happen. Also, a special thanks to my XYL for supporting me in this hobby.