K1LOK 2017

13 November 2016

I purchased my first radio. It was a Baofeng UV-5R. It worked very well for a time, especially for a $25 HT. Over time the plastic on the battery warped at a different rate from the plastic on the rest of the radio and I could no longer use it. I ordered two of the same model, and neither worked well at all.

It was about this same time that I started studying for the exams.

18 January 2017

Passed Technician and General exams.

25 January 2017

Received General License. Issued call sign KI7JUG. Subsequntly applied for the vanity call sign K1LOK.

29 January 2017

First contact with Ross Hunter K7AF on the American Fork Stake ERC net, 146.400 MHz


9 February 2017

I made my first Echolink contact. It was from Solon, Ohio (EN91gj) through the 76 repeater to KG7GIG (DN40).

24 February 2017

Received vanity call sign K1LOK

K1LOK may mean one of a few things.

26 February 2017

My first contact outside DN40. I contacted KG5PLS (EM21) via Echolink through the K5JAS repeater in Jasper, Jasper County, Texas.

11 March 2017: Rex Lee Run

Volunteered with the Rex Lee Run. Worked the Stairs Station.


View to the south from the Stairs (DN40ef).

16 March 2017

I ordered my first mobile radio. It was a Yaesu FT-2900R, a 75 watt 2 meter VHF radio.

21 June 2017

Passed General License Exam. Extra Licence became effective on 23 June 2017.


24 June 2017

I spent a few hours helping the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club (UVARC) set up near Strawberry Reservoir (DN40kg).


4 July 2017

Volunteered with the Freedom Festival Parade in Provo. I worked the location at 200 E and 200 S (DN40ef).


21 July 2017

First time net control. UVARC New Ham Net on 146.78+

14 September 2017: Orem City Drill

I worked the SW quadrant for the city drill with a portable set up in my car from a church parking lot close to Utah Valley University (DN40dg).

20 Dec 2017

Visited ARRL headquarters in Newington, Connecticut. Operated W1AW. Made contact with IZ8JFA (JM89) on 20 meters. This was my first time on HF.


K1LOK at W1AW (FN31pr).

22 December 2017: K7FLK

We were granted the initial license for the Fluke Lord Kelvin Amateur Radio Club. The initial call sign was KI7TBC. A vanity call sign was applied for and granted, K7FLK. The following is a list of the initial members of the club.


K7FLK Jpole Antenna (DN40ci) (Picture taken on 18 February 2018).

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